6.7mm Chips (a.k.a. High Performance Bedding)

6.7mm Chips (a.k.a. High Performance Bedding)

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To place an order, please call us at 905-436-2082 or email mcfarlandfarms123@gmail.com.


We sell our products by the cubic yard.  Here's how you calculate the amount of product you need for your project:

To find the cubic yards your project will require, simply complete the following equation:

Length x Width x Depth / 27 = cubic yards

*Remember all measurements must be in feet.  If you have a measurement in inches, just divide that number by 12 to convert it to feet.

For example, a garden 10' x 30', needing mulch to be 2" thick:
10 x 30 x (2/12) / 27
=10 x 30 x 0.17 / 27
=51 / 27
To allow for compaction and proper coverage, round up.
Therefore, a garden 10'x30'x2" would require 2 cubic yards of mulch.