Sand • Gravel • Top Soil

Family owned & operated

Soils and Mulches

McFarland's carries a full line of soils including:

• screened topsoil
• top dressing
• triple mix
• mushroom compost

We also carry a variety of mulches including:

• natural cedar
• natural forest blend
• black

Sand and Gravel

We keep the following stocked in our yard at all times:

• screened sand
• A Gravel
• 3/4" drain stone
• river rock - various sizes
• 1.5-2" round rock
• 3/8" chips (pea stone)
• limestone (screenings, 3/4" clear and 3/4" crusher run)
• 6.7mm chips (a.k.a. High Performance Bedding)
• decorative armour stone sold by the pound


We have small and large dump trucks - depending on the product, the small truck can hold up to 6 yards and the large dump truck can hold up to 20 yards.

Our charges are based on where you are located. Please call the office for an accurate quote.


We are experienced in all things dirt! We are certified in septic installation, driveway installs, concrete pad preps, and basically anything you need a back-hoe, excavator, bull dozer, loader and/or dump truck for - we can do.